Film Programme


The Festival programmes new and classic work. Submissions are currently open for new work in fiction and non-fiction genres. The full programme will be announced in April 2015.

Classic films will be featured. These will examine films that are used as a vehicle for autobiographical narrative, memory and diaristic reflection. Films in which the line between the director’s life and the script become blurred, or dissolves entirely.

“Rossellini even said that you shouldn’t write scripts – only swine write scripts – that the conflict in a film should simply emerge from the facts. A character from a given place at a given time is confronted by another character from a very different place: and voilá, there exists a natural conflict between them and you start from that. There’s no need to invent anything.” – Francois Truffaut

The Festival organises six competitions: Best Feature (fiction), Best Feature (documentary), Best Short (fiction), Best Short (documentary), Best Experimental Film, Best Young Filmmaker (under 24 years old).

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