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PocketVisions is delighted to be partnering with The Doctrine digital magazine who are sponsoring our ‘word’ competitions. Winning entries will be featured in The Doctrine.

The Doctrine is a new and innovative free digital magazine. It is a contemporary arts magazine covering a wide range of musical genres and featuring the best new books, films and poetry along with art and design.

Primarily it is a magazine about feeling; about responses and about the arts. We are proud to showcase the talents of some of the best writers in their respective industries and to nurture young talent.

All of us on board with this project have a passion for the things we talk about and pick our own topics. It allows a creative freedom impossible in many other publications and the huge degree of editorial freedom means there’s no pandering to anyone. Our goal is to be rid of pretence but speak in an educated and accessible way.

The magazine will be available online and to download and subscribe completely free on iOS mobile devices (iPads etc), free to download and subscribe, no hidden in-app purchases. Unlike others, it is designed specifically as a digital magazine, providing a more integrated and complete experience for the reader, whether viewing on a tablet or phone.

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