Pass the Book!

Pass a Book

Do you own a book that has a particular meaning for you and that you would like to share with others?

If so, are you prepared to send your copy out alone into the wide-world to begin a unique journey?

It can be a new book, or a battered old copy, it can be obscure or a bestseller, all that matters is that the book is significant to you in some way. Perhaps, it is the story, the message, the author, or the particular memory of when you were first given the book and by whom.

Pass the Book! is a sharing project and entirely free. Book lovers connect anonymously by giving away and/or receiving a book that is particularly important and meaningful, and then in turn passing the book on.

With your participation we can track these journeys and the stories that go along with each encounter. Each stage of the book’s journey is determined by the places in which the book is left and by who gives and who finds the volume.

How Does it Work?

Before you send your book out into the world write (or print out and paste) the following message on the first inside page of your book. Make sure it can be clearly seen.

‘This is not an abandoned book, but a book that is searching for a reader. If you find it, read it and then set it on its way again. Please let us know where and when you found the book and where, in turn, you have left it to continue its journey., in the section ‘Pass the Book!’

Then leave the book in your chosen spot and let us know where and when. You can also tell us why you left it in the spot you did, and why that book.

If you find a book we would like to know why you picked it up, what you made of it, and what you did with it.

During the festival we will bring together those through whose hands the books have passed. An event where stories can be shared, books discussed, and the adventures of individual books highlighted. A gathering of book lovers until then unknown to each other.

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