What is PocketVisions?

Aquarium‘The pocket in question is a small pocket of resistance. A pocket is formed when two or more people come together in agreement’ – John Berger

PocketVisions has been screening documentaries and hosting public debates since 2004 at various venues around London and beyond. Venues have included the British Museum, The Barbican, the Curzon Soho, University College London, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York. It has always striven to be a social enterprise that creates a critical space for the free expression of ideas and debate about the art, efficacy and ethics of film and the written word.

PocketVisions has long recognised the close relationship between text and image, between performance and interiority, between the emotional and analytical response. Over the years it has created events where the implications of film have been opened up through panel discussions and forums led by authors, academics, and other experts in their fields.

At their best, essay and film are both capable of restoring to contemporary issues the intellectual and emotional complexity that belongs to them. But, while film has become for many a major source of information, it can only go so far. This is why the discussions that follow a film, performance, a talk, are so important. Come and join the conversation.

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