Festival of Word and Image


1 – 5 July, 2015, Oxford, UK

Five days of film, performance, music, photography, poetry, walks, and discussion. A festival of meetings and ideas, of juxtapositions and surprises, fiction and non-fiction film, and much more.

The Festival of the Word and Image examines the fine line between fact and fiction. Every film, every story is a blend of realism and invention. Every creation involves truth and lies. In this sense, it mirrors our own personal narratives. The festival wants to explore these hinterlands of truth and lies, in art and in living. What is authentic? What is our relationship with the truth in fact and in fiction?

The personal fantasies of Truffaut or Woody Allen, the fictionalised ‘true stories’ of Scorsese, the social realism of Mike Leigh, the documentaries of Flaherty, Rouch or Michael Moore, all blur the boundaries. The same applies to poetry and song, the personal and autobiographical invades and is remade.

Watch films by emerging and established talent. Enjoy a different sort of Literary Walk, take part in a workshops, enjoy one of the gigs or talks, and contribute in word or in image.

The Festival is open to film and literary content.

The full programme of word and image will be revealed in 2015. Over the coming weeks further announcements will be made about festival highlights, star turns, and other events. Keep up to-date with the festival news by signing up to our newsletter.

Books and films entertain, but they are never merely entertainment. They are societies flights of fancy, its adventures of thought, and, whether we like it or not they shape our worldview. A worldview can never be purely personal. Therefore, what better way to explore the word and image than in a festival open to all, open to all strange and varied connections, to an event that is not an end in itself, but a beginning.

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