Flash Fiction

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Can you tell a story in less than 500 words? David Gaffney thinks you can, and in this workshop you will learn how to reduce ideas to an ultra-short format, how to condense, yet keep your story effective, powerful and easy to understand, how to manage character, description, point of view and dialogue in the ultra short story, and how to reduce a thousand words to 150 without losing a thing. Full of practical, fun exercises, this session will leave you wondering why anything has to be longer than a side of A4.

By turns funny and disturbing, David Gaffney’s short sharp fictions are powerful things. The Guardian said: ‘One hundred and fifty words by Gaffney are more worthwhile than novels by a good many others.’

“David Gaffney is, I think, one of very few contemporary British Writers who have mastered the very short form” Nicholas Royle, The Best British Short Stories 2013

“David Gaffney writes truly 21st century stories for a fragmented and fragmenting world; they’re short, snappy and utterly addictive” Ian McMillan

Full details to follow.

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